Commercial Litigation

Litigation involving disputes concerning business transactions presents unique challenges and opportunities for our clients. We provide services at all stages of the process while remaining sensitive to the needs of our clients by focusing on their ongoing business objectives, including preservation of existing relationships in the marketplace, while handling litigation issues. Our clients have enjoyed tremendous success in litigating security interests, contract disputes, business sales transactions and consumer disputes. We work in partnership with our clients to resolve each dispute and handle these cases on an hourly, contingency or hybrid fee arrangement to the benefit of our clients.

The Finley Firm prides itself on the depth and breadth of its commercial litigation experience. Our lawyers have successfully litigated a number of cases across the country. Our lawyers have well-deserved and hard-earned reputations for litigation excellence with judges, juries and arbitrators. This reputation has helped us attract leading attorneys in a number of specialties. Many have been named “Rising Star Super Lawyer” and “Super Lawyer” by Atlanta Magazine. We serve on business advisory councils, teach courses at law schools and write articles in our practice areas. We are actively involved in our community and participate in numerous organizations. The Finley Firm’s attorneys work diligently to earn our clients’ trust. We have the experience, intense focus and work ethics to tackle a variety of complex issues and resolve them to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our cases range from complex to straightforward (to the extent any litigation matter is ever straightforward). We have handled breach of contract, business torts, piercing the corporate veil, valuation and business “divorces”, trade secrets, premises liability, and commercial insurance coverage matters in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to commercial real estate, financial institutions, multi-family, restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality, mining, distribution and logistics, consumer and medical products, e-commerce, and trucking.

Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies, small firms and individuals. We strive to provide value to our clients by providing comparatively lower rates by maintaining extremely low overhead and staffing cases as leanly as appropriate consistent with achieving our clients’ objectives. Throughout the litigation process, we evaluate our clients’ goals and make adjustments, if needed, to meet them.

When feasible, we counsel clients regarding a variety of issues to proactively address potential litigation risks and avoid them, if possible. Our attorneys value the opportunity to collaborate with clients in all phases of their business. We work with clients to discuss many aspects of operations and look for ways to reduce potential litigation risks, whether through an audit of outstanding contracts or base forms, a review of operations, or providing training on legal issues that may impact the business. Although we cannot ensure that we can provide a protective cocoon to insulate our clients from being sued (or needing to prosecute their rights), we hope that together we can better manage that risk when the need arises.

Depending on the specific issues at hand, we may be able to offer different fee arrangements. With each new case, we work with the client to determine how we can best deliver quality results and add value to the client’s enterprise. We handle cases on hourly, contingency, hybrid fee arrangements and other alternative fee arrangements.