Construction Litigation

Our attorneys handle legal disputes relating to construction projects, including commercial building contracts, real estate disputes and other disputes concerning complex commercial projects. We also handle disputes arising from legal issues relating to bonds and securities, construction and builders’ liens, and other construction claims requiring arbitration. The parties of these disputes include owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, engineers, architects, securities, suppliers, lending institutions and other parties participating in the construction process.

Given the array of relationships (e.g., owner-developer, architect-contractor, contractor-subcontractor), the building industry is fraught with litigation risk. At The Finley Firm P.C., our attorneys understand the innumerable details involved in managing major construction projects from contract negotiation through project delivery and, at times, post-delivery issues.

We have significant experience working with clients on construction contracts, environmental and regulatory compliance and investigations, financing, local zoning laws and engineering and construction management. Our clients represent many segments of the construction industry, including contractors, owners, developers, tenants, guarantors, sureties and insurers, state and local agencies, engineers and architectural firms, and financial institutions.

Construction litigation is often the result of unresolved disputes about construction defects, including problems with foundations, framing, roofing and Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS). Other potential problems exist with HVAC systems, indoor air quality (e.g., alleged mold), grading, landscaping, financing, and insurance coverage. Because construction projects may involve many contractors and subcontractors, communication (or the lack thereof) and differing (even competing) agendas may result in disputes.

If included in the process soon enough, we can assist clients in assessing risk and trying to avoid issues or, at the very least assessing the risk. We work with clients to avoid construction litigation by reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts that accurately reflect the parties’ intentions and minimize the potential for unexpected problems.

In the event of a dispute, we represent clients in mediation and other dispute resolution proceedings. If the dispute resolution process does not settle a conflict, our attorneys are prepared and experienced in construction litigation. We will formulate a cost effective and timely strategy to protect and enforce a client’s rights to reach a successful resolution.