Eminent Domain

Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling and defending corporations and individuals whose property interests are threatened by state and local agencies with the power to take property ostensibly for public purposes. We counsel clients about the economics of challenging condemnation actions and assist them in assessing the condemnor’s pre-litigation proposals. When condemning authorities do not cooperate our attorneys are capable of handling all aspects of condemnation actions from appraisal issues, business valuation, and, if need be, trial. Among other things, we have successfully challenged the adequacy of the condemnor’s valuation of the interests being taken, proved business loss damages arising from the taking. In addition, we have negotiated issues by and among the tenant, landlord, and the landlord’s lender over the amount of funds to be used to cure the impact of the condemnation, negotiated more favorable access or easement rights, and guided clients through the regulatory issues that occasionally affect property owners affected by condemnation.