Real Estate Litigation

The Finley Firm’s real estate litigation attorneys serve clients including many Fortune 500 corporations, whose interests in real property need to be protected. The Real Estate Litigation Team is lead by A. McCampbell “Mac” Gibson. Members of our Real Estate Litigation Team have litigated and tried cases involving many subject areas, including:

Assignment of Rights, Broker Commission Disputes, Commercial Lease Enforcement, Construction Products and Defects, Declarations and Easements, Election of Electric Service Providers, Eminent Domain and Condemnation, Financing for Development of Property, Mining Rights, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Mold and Indoor Air Quality, Partitioning, Personal Guaranties, Premises Liability, Quiet Title, Reversionary Rights, Rights of First Refusal, Tenants in Common, Trespass and Nuisance, Use Restrictions, Utility Right-of-Way and Zoning.

Our lawyers have a track record of effectively trying, litigating, or reaching prompt settlement of the most complex real estate disputes in jurisdictions across the country. In the past five years alone, members of our team have litigated or counseled clients on real estate issues in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In the past five years, our real estate litigators have litigated and tried cases involving many subject areas, including mezzanine loan disputes, mixed-use properties and declarations regarding the use of common areas, water run-off at industrial sites, lease enforcement, suits regarding personal guaranties, broker commission disputes, electric service provider disputes, easement and restrictive covenants, reversionary interests, eminent domain and governmental takings, valuation issues, and mold/indoor air quality claims.